среда, 31 августа 2016 г.

Roombox "Stable"

Hello! Today I'll show you the box, which I made in the spring, he gave the birthday girl in the early summer, and show you all did not collect))) It's not just box and also rumboks on equestrian sport:

Here is the box in general:
If you look from above, you will not say that there is still something there. But if you look at her side .... and even twist))))) if you can see the four from the stall by the horses, saddles and all the necessary small change. Now look!

The first two stall:

The first is a mini-version of a snow-white horse named Michigan:

Photos on the walls of most of the birthday girl - my niece Nina with her Michigan
and simply beautiful pictures with horses:

I took the horses from the children's set, only repainted some

The second stall is a black horse:

Turn the box and see the third stall with bay horse:

Once again we turn and another, fourth, stall. Here, too, the bay (and maybe red)))).

Few details. Near each stall is a bucket of water or food. In the corners of the downloadable format bags thereby feed. Bags branded, marked, all grown-up)))) There is also a shovel, a broom. On the shelves there are all sorts of bottles with shampoos, and maybe with medicines and vitamins. On the walls hang twisted cords (it's such a long leash on which horses "are walking" in a circle of the arena). And then there are few supports for the seats and seat themselves, which are made of genuine leather (by the way, also leather cords):

On the outer walls of the stables also has pictures of horses, and a large banner with the name of the stables (made specifically for this project):

This is some kind of visualization rumboks Nina dreams. And the name of Vifezda (something there, it means I do not remember LOL) also she chose.

P.S. photo stand under the saddle, turned out exactly the way I planned

and a saddle. See stirrups? AAAA)))) just the same)))) all grown-up!

Niece happy. I too)))) How do you find such a stable?

Have a nice summer day last

четверг, 25 августа 2016 г.

А thumbnail for my sister

Hey. Today I will show you a thumbnail for my sister. She has an avid florist. All window sills are busy with pots of flowers, even on the floor set flowers. And a miniature picture frame I made for her with flowers:

The frame is quite small, as you can see. The size of the internal window just 7x7 cm, and the outer edge of 9x9 cm. Flowers in pots some unseen rocks. And the cup with leaves of seedling))) Bottle-spray with water and some jar with "dressing" for colors. In short, she came up with a sister, what is there)))

четверг, 19 мая 2016 г.

Microрendant "Green Bird" and knitted top

My new hobby - crocheting.
This yellow top for Barbie's first decent result. I am very pleased with the result))

I knit it especially for this pendant "Green Bird".

Used jewelry wire, acrylic, microbeads and chain.

Good mood to you all

суббота, 7 мая 2016 г.

Fireplace for Barbie house

I present to you a new job, which I did on the order. This is a fireplace in the scale of 1: 6. 

Photography in dark.                                               Photos in bright light.

The logs in real, tinted acrylic. 

"Fire" is activated the lever under the mantelpiece.

Barbie like a fireplace.
I ordered it too was very pleased!

Have a good mood!

понедельник, 2 мая 2016 г.

Micro brooch "Colibri"

New micro brooch "Hummingbird".
Suitable for Barbie dolls, Momoko, Dal, Monster High, Blythe, Pullip and other dolls similar to the scale of 1:6. Fully created manually.

вторник, 26 апреля 2016 г.

Micronecklace Dragonfly. Scale 1:6

I present to you a new ornament.

This necklace created entirely by hand.
The size of the central element 8,5х13 mm. Clasp split.
Dragonfly Wings transparent, covered with glitter.

Necklace for Barbie dolls, Momoko, Dal, Monster High, Blythe, Pullip and other dolls similar to the scale of 1:6.

The working process:

Decoration on sale.