вторник, 26 апреля 2016 г.

Micronecklace Dragonfly. Scale 1:6

I present to you a new ornament.

This necklace created entirely by hand.
The size of the central element 8,5х13 mm. Clasp split.
Dragonfly Wings transparent, covered with glitter.

Necklace for Barbie dolls, Momoko, Dal, Monster High, Blythe, Pullip and other dolls similar to the scale of 1:6.

The working process:

Decoration on sale.

воскресенье, 3 апреля 2016 г.

Micro brooch Fawkes and Gryffindor scarf

I want to show a new ornament for Barbie mikrobrosh "Fawkes" and a striped scarf with the traditional colors of Gryffindor faculty (Harry Potter).
Scarf crocheted from threads for embroidery. I'm just learning to crochet, but I would like to tie this scarf viscous to make it seem as if it is associated with needles. And I got it!

Brooch small palm with dolls. I wanted her to do less, but this wing! I wanted just such a form of the wing, and that turned out pretty big bird.

On the model looks great! I like )))))

Photos that you would appreciate the brooch. The height of the bird (from tum to the tip of the wing) to 21 mm. Handpainted acrylic, decorated with rhinestones and microbeads. It is covered with three layers of lacquer.

Brooch turned out just magical! Bird bright, fiery. The legs, beak and wing tips glisten gold. Rhinestones sparkle in the tail curls. Well, a real fairy tale! I make this brooch and falling in love with every detail, in every curve.

Magical day!